Caseware P-Card Monitoring

Introducing The Caseware P-Card Monitoring Solutions

Today’s growing use of procurement cards (P-Cards) can expose organizations to abuse, misuse and fraudulent activities. As P-Card programs grow, it becomes increasingly challenging for organizations to maintain compliance as well as validate performance.

A framework for best practices in program management recommended in the 2014 RPMG Purchasing Card Benchmark Survey presents a need for organizations to integrate and leverage technology (both P-Card and complementary technologies), establish a governance structure and install controls. These three pillars, when combined, improve program performance and provide decision makers with the confidence needed to expand P-Card programs.


Get ahead of risks and stay there. The CaseWare P-Card Monitoring Solution eliminates the need for manual revisions, data sampling, and e-mail follow-up. With early detection, organizations have an increased chance to recover assets, save time, and resolve issues. With more than 30 pre-built P-Card analytics, you can introduce unparalleled efficiency to your program by:

  • Alerting key stakeholders via email and text message of potential misuse, allowing for quick remediation
  • Utilizing all available data to validate control effectiveness
  • Monitoring 100% of transaction data to provide comprehensive coverage

CaseWare Analytics and Concur have partnered to bring you insights into your P-Card and T&E programs. As a Concur customer you can extract and analyze expense report data using CaseWare’s solution to detect exceptions and anomalies, so you can be assured that program objectives are being met. CaseWare’s integration with Concur reduces the effort involved in requesting and acquiring data for processing. Benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced time to acquire data
  • Automated data transfers from Concur to the CaseWare Monitoring P-Card Solution
  • No need for data dumps
  • Ability to extract data based on any frequency
  • Secured data transfers between Concur and the CaseWare P-Card Solution


Improved business performance
At a glance, gain insights into program performance to make informed decisions. With interactive visualizations, you can filter and drill-down to view details, gaining a clearer picture of the issues at hand. The CaseWare P-Card Monitoring Solution answers questions surrounding:

  • Top merchant category codes
  • Departments/employees with the highest spend/abuse
  • Rate of repayment for personal purchases, policy violations, and misuse
  • Root causes of exceptions





Take control of your P-Card program in an unprecedented way

The turnkey CaseWare P-Card Monitoring Solution continuously monitors P-Card transactions and automatically reports anomalies and instances of non-compliance. The solution is integrated with the CaseWare Monitor Framework and can be customized to suit your unique organizational needs.